Corridors – In Transit [EP]

Corridors In Transit EP

Ever since the debut of New Delhi-based musician Rijul Victor’s solo electronic music project Corridors, listeners have come to expect a certain sense of exploration which seems attached with his musical offerings. And for his latest body of work which has been a long time coming, the former drummer of Colossal Figures has served up his 3-track ‘In Transit‘ EP.

Led by the previously released single ‘700 Rupees‘, Corridors is quick to carve out a space for his audacious, yet remarkable endeavor as he embraces the calm and chaos to make way for his newly found synthesis of sounds which might reside within the shadows, yet allows enough light to peek through. Next comes ‘Untitled‘ which might feel like a truly incisive bit of work by the man himself upon first listen, but dig deeper and listeners will be able to find themselves between the pristine and equally mechanical functioning of the track which certainly stands out in more ways than one.

While Corridors’ ‘In Transit‘ EP might be a brief journey, it does prove to be a memorable one as the proceedings are brought to a close courtesy ‘Where Are You‘ whose fragile, yet fluttering sounds backed by a serene use of vocals steadily conclude Rijul’s latest venture before zooming out of the picture.

Out now via Recordings, listen to ‘In Transit‘ EP below. You can grab your copy here.