Gig Alert: Red Bull Music presents BLOT! Live in Delhi

BLOT! Paradise Lost

Unarguably one of India’s most loved and well recognised electronic music acts, BLOT! recently got everyone talking with the debut of his long awaited live show earlier this month in Mumbai. Titled ‘Paradise Lost‘ – inspired by English poet John Milton’s epic poem, the ambitious solo effort has already secured its spot as one of 2018’s most eagerly awaited performances. And come December 1st, Gaurav Malaker will be finally presenting his stunning show in New Delhi at The Ruins, Eden Park.

BLOT! Live New Delhi

Paradise Lost represents BLOT!’s experiments in “electronic music infused with traditional instrumentations and arrangements”, and is demonstrative of his journey and evolution as a producer. Combining the emotional intimacy of a live performance and the energy of a DJ set, Paradise Lost is a distinctive show that combines an exceptional sound and light system with organic, surreal decor mimicking a cave in the middle of a city – also reflected in the artwork, created by Priyesh Trivedi of ‘Aadarsh Balak’ fame – and a live jam of sorts with vintage, analogue synthesizers that BLOT! collects and has come to be known for.

What promises to be a unique experience for fans, a space within a derelict hotel complex will be transformed into the ruins of Paradise Lost for the evening in New Delhi. Talking about his highly awaited performance in the national capital, BLOT! wrote in a statement saying:

“I’m so happy to be able to finally play this out to my friends and the people at home in Delhi, who’ve supported me over the past decade and have been critical in my evolution as an artist. For me, Delhi remains the city with the most diverse taste in music, living and performing here has helped me break my own barriers in exploring newer, honest music regardless of genre.”

Check out the video below to get an idea of what to expect from the Paradise Lost show. And don’t forget to grab your tickets here.