Dropped Out – Stay

Dropped Out Stay

Mumbai-based producer Dropped Out is steadily becoming one of the more enigmatic producers in the country. The solo project of Rishi Thakkar might have begun at the start of 2018, but the young act has been astonishingly quick when it comes to delivering more quality music with each passing day. And now fresh off dropping the heavy duty Kaala Jadu‘ alongside M., Dropped Out has dished out his latest release, ‘Stay‘.

Having resided within the chill spectrum of electronic music with most of his releases, ‘Stay‘ proves to be the finest of the lot as the transcendental record weaves a breathtaking soundscape for his music to thrive in. Accompanied by ethereal vocals which carry forward this beautiful instrumental, Rishi makes sure to keep you engaged and send listeners to the deeper levels of his sonic world while taking them on an absolute rollercoaster of a journey that is ought to stay with you for quite some time.

A truly stellar creation which deserves a listen, make sure to check out ‘Stay‘ below.