Paraphoniks – Silhouettes

Paraphoniks Silhouettes

Mumbai-based live electronic duo Paraphoniks have been steadily on the come up and pushing boundaries with their unique, innovative take on the genre that has been led by their love for analog and digital modular synthesizers. Comprising of Shatrunjai Dewan (Monophonik) and Sid Shirodkar, the supremely talented act has consistently delivered in recent years alongside bringing focus back to the live element of electronic music. And come September 2018, Paraphoniks finally returned to action with their sophomore album, ‘Silhouettes‘. A diverse, 7-track effort which arrives as their first full length body of work since the 2016-released ‘Yarns‘ EP, listeners both old and new have a lot to catch up on.

A sprawling sonic landscape which seems ready for exploration, ‘Silhouettes‘ stands out in more ways than one. And notably, if their previous works was a result of their enthusiastic knack for experimentation, this LP makes sure to exercise phenomenal control as they explore the boundaries of electronic music.

Featuring collaborations with singer Azaaman Hoyvoy and drummer Sahil Shah, the album treads along the lines of breakbeat, techno, funk, IDM and everything in between for a fun, yet equally fulfilling listen. Led by the previously released ‘Vacillate‘ which hits all the right notes, the Azaaman-assisted cut is followed up by some wonderful tunes including ‘Plasma Pie!‘ and ‘Frissons II‘. Talking about ‘Silhouettes‘, most of which was written when the duo spent a few weeks isolated in the Himalayan hills in the spring of 2017, they write:

“Most of the raw material was written during this period. The concept of the album evolved later on, stemming from our fascination with cults and quasi-religious movements. There are all kinds of influences on the record, from instrumental Hip-Hop to IDM, Funk to Techno, and more generally a diverse spectrum of dance music. Harmonically there are some Jazz influences under the surface as well.”

Listen to ‘Silhouettes‘ below.