NDS – Page IX


New Delhi-based producer NDS has steadily gone on to secure his spot as one of today’s finest bass music acts in the country. Without having pigeonholed himself to a particular sound, the solo project of Siddharth Sharma continues to treat listeners to some truly exceptional records. And as NDS gears up for the next chapter of his career, the talented act has finally shared his debut album, ‘Page IX‘.

A sprawling, 9-track effort which proves to be a complete and fulfilling showcase of NDS’ fine talent, the album opener ‘Intezaar‘ sets the proceedings into motion as the riveting tune leans on his signature trap influences for a bold, striking production work. Led by previously released singles including the Abrax Phaeton-assisted ‘Never Sleep‘ and ‘Someone Else’s Story‘ featuring Ronnie Lott, the enthralling LP starts taking shape brilliantly with cuts like ‘Tell Them Things‘ and ‘Coming Home‘ which despite leaning towards a more chill-influenced sound don’t fall short of hitting all the right notes as they make sure to pack in a major potential for the dance pop fans out there.

On the second half of ‘Page IX‘, ‘Easy‘ washes over listeners with its crazy theatrics and its juxtaposition of the serene and dance floor shaking sounds for what essentially turns out to be one of the album’s more memorable records. Up next, we see NDS deliver some of his strongest works till date in the form of ‘Fantasize‘ with Evangeline and ‘Say Something‘ with fellow New Delhi-based singer/songwriter Chezin.

A noteworthy debut by NDS which turns out to be a complete package of everything that the producer has to offer, the proceedings come to a rather eventful close courtesy the pounding track ‘Not Over Yet‘ which lunges deep into the darker depths of trap music before a ruthless, earth shattering break takes over. And not only does it commemorate everything that ‘Page IX‘ has had to offer, but it also seems to hint at what’s more to come from NDS in the near future.

So without further ado, listen to ‘Page IX‘ below and let us know what you think!