Solomun Issues Apology After Playing Track With Muslim Call To Prayer Sample

Solomun Apology

One of the finest names in electronic music, Solomun was subjected to public scrutiny this past weekend after he was found to be playing a particular track during his headlining performance at Kappa Futur Festival in Turin, Italy which contained a sample of the Islamic Call to Prayer. An unfortunate incident which has left the Diynamic bossman feeling extremely sorry, the Bosnian-German DJ/producer took to Facebook soon after to issue a public statement regarding the ordeal.

In his lengthy post, he wrote: “First and foremost I would like to apologize to all Muslims around the globe for playing a track at Saturday’s Kappa Futur Festival, which contains a vocal sample of the Islamic Call to Prayer.”  Solomun also went on to explain that:

“The track in question was a demo I had just received shortly before show, and as you can imagine, I receive countless demos each month. I skipped through the track and upon this first listen I really enjoyed the beat, but hadn’t noticed it contained a vocal sample.

And NO … while the track played I was not at all aware what was actually happening, but I sensed that something was off and I had a very odd feeling about the situation, even though I did not understand the language. Directly after the break I mixed out of the track.”

Additionally, he also revealed that he has already “contacted the producer of the track and let him know to not release or even play the track anymore. Of course, we also deleted the recording of the set wherever it was possible, because something like this is not supposed to be out there anymore.” A forgettable incident that the veteran act surely wouldn’t want to look back on, you can read his full statement below.

H/T: Resident Advisor