Mike Shinoda Discusses The Future Of Linkin Park In Latest Interview

It’s been nearly a year since the tragic death of Chester Bennington, who passed away in July last year due to suicide at the age of 41. Ever since, fans of Linkin Park have been wondering about what the future holds for the band. Mike Shinoda, who’s preparing for the release of his debut solo album, ‘Post Traumatic‘, recently fielded questions about Linkin Park’s future during iHeartRadio’s ‘Inside The Studio’ podcast.

I don’t know. That’s the million-dollar question, right? And, unfortunately, I’ve said it before, but there aren’t any answers to that at this point. It would be awesome if there were. That would be really easy.

I wish we were in a Brian Johnson/Bon Scott situation where it’s, like, no, the guy, our best friend, who sang for the band who passed away, he literally said, ‘This is the guy,’ and we listened to the guy and the guy’s definitely the guy, and we all love hanging out with him, and we want to play with him.

That didn’t happen to anybody else, really. That hasn’t happened to us.

Speaking further on the topic, he elaborates.

If somebody comes and says, ‘Hey, Linkin Park, do you want to play a show in Germany?’ then you have to have a discussion with all the guys, and you have one guy who’s, like, ‘I definitely don’t want to do it,’ and you have one guy who says, ‘I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe we shouldn’t do it,’ and two guys who say, ‘We definitely need to do it,’ and then there’s concerns.

All that noise, that is not something I can deal with right now, and it’s not a knock on anybody else. Any one of us could be the outlier opinion, the minority voice on something, but I definitely need some more simplicity in terms of decision making.

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