deadmau5 Previews New Rob Swire Collaboration At Spring Awakening Music Festival

One of deadmau5‘s (and dance music’s) most iconic tracks over the years has been ‘Ghosts’n’Stuff‘, released back in 2008 in collaboration with Rob Swire, as part of his album ‘For Lack Of A Better Name‘. Now 10 years later, the mau5 and Rob Swire are reuniting again for a new collaboration.

During his headlining performance at the recently concluded Spring Awakening, deadmau5 premiered the track with Rob Swire to his unsuspecting fans. Rumored to be titled ‘Monophobia‘, the track is yet another quintessential production with Rob Swire’s iconic vocal hooks, and looks to be coming along quite nicely. While there’s no other information regarding its release, it’s safe to assume that Joel will be making further more edits to the track before its release.

Check out a short clip here below.

H/T: EDM Sauce