Salty Prawn – Fallen Villain (Original Mix)

Salty Prawn Fallen Villain

Mumbai-based producer Salty Prawn has been steadily making his mark within the electronic music scene in the country with his effervescent mix of lo-fi and ambient beats. And now fresh off releasing some stunning piece of music via homegrown label nrtya, the talented act is finally readying his ambitious full-length. Titled ‘Chirps and Burps’, his upcoming album is set to arrive on May 28th via Recordings.

And to get a little taste of what to expect, we have now gotten our hands on its first single, ‘Fallen Villain’. A nostalgia-filled gem of a tune which sees Salty Prawn take listeners on a melodic, yet groovy journey, its simplistic and serene soundscapes are ought to provide you with all sorts of cozy comfort.

Listen to ‘Fallen Villain‘ below. And don’t forget to grab your copy here.