A Brand New Music Feature Might Be Coming Soon To Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Music Feature

Instagram has quickly become one of today’s most popular social media platforms in recent times. And with the constant reveal of new features, the Facebook-owned app continues to increase its user base at an exponential rate. With the recent reveal of their Stories feature that has quickly turned out to be a major success for Instagram, it now looks like they might be gearing up to unveil the next big update.

And if recent reports are to be believed, then users will soon be able to add music to their stories. As pointed out by Twitter user Ishan Agarwal, a music icon and its accompanying code was discovered in Instagram’s Android version which seems to support “music stickers” that would allow anyone to search for and add a song to Stories. Additionally, with the app also reportedly testing a way to automatically detect a song being played and display the artist and song title as a visual label, it looks like Instagram is about to get a whole lot more exciting for people around the globe.

Watch this space for the latest updates.

H/T: TechCrunch