Delhi Government’s New Rule Will Ban Around 900 Pubs From Playing Recorded Music

Delhi Nightlife

A new week is upon us, but we might not be kicking things off in the right fashion. According to a new report by Hindustan Times, it has been revealed that the Delhi government has decided to put a stop on playing recorded music at about 900 restaurants across the city that serve alcohol. Citing a rule that allows only live bands to play at such places, this harsh decision that was taken by the Excise Department earlier yesterday after residents complained of noise from pubs in places like Khan Market, Defence Colony and Rajouri Garden.

With Delhi Government’s latest decision poised to harm the national capital’s nightlife scene even further, the city’s excise commissioner Amjad Tak justified this major move by saying that live performances were “softer” and “controlled”. While the notice suggests playing recorded music at such places is a violation of the L-17 licence norms under which the restaurants serving alcohol operate, it is also interesting to note that there is no provision of separate licences for pubs in the capital itself.

Additionally, as told by Arun Sinha, a noise impact modelling specialist:

“The impact from playing a recorded track and a band performing is the same. There is no study that would prove that the sound from live music is softer. Better steps need to be taken to tackle the problem of noise pollution in residential areas,”

As Delhi’s nightlife scene continues to deteriorate, the government’s latest rule is ought to cause more damage than good. And with all eyes on The National Restaurants Association of India who have promised to comment after internal meetings, stay tuned for the latest updates.

Source: Hindustan Times