Jwala 008 – Now

Jwala Now

One of our favourite music collectives from India, Jwala have quickly risen up the ranks since their stellar debut earlier last year to announce themselves as an established platform which strives to put the spotlight on some of the freshest music coming out of the country. Having helped put focus on several talented Indian artists through their works over the past ten months with their impressive compilations, Jwala’s latest release aims to serve a bigger purpose.

Titled ‘Now‘, their eighth compilation boasts of four stunning creations courtesy an all-star female lineup which can rival some of the best in the game. Led by RDKL aka Radha Priya’s nostalgia-filled record ‘Deadpan in Van‘, the proceedings truly come to life with ‘You’re Not So Wise Now‘ by the supremely talented singer/songwriter Aditi Ramesh, whose immaculate blend of blues, jazz and traditional Carnatic music makes up for a sensational listen.

Half way into ‘Now‘, Gaya‘s sparkling debut track ‘Undress‘ weaves an air of magic with its twinkling melodies and her ethereal voice. And lastly, ‘té amãnha’ by heedless aka Uvika Wahi takes the cake out of the lot as the sublime, techno-inspired offering turns out to be a magnetising piece whose oddly satisfying mix of warm and darker sounds keeps listeners hooked onto it till the last second.

You can listen to ‘Now‘ by Jwala below.