EchoFloat – Transmutations [EP] [Free Download]

EchoFloat Transmutations EP

Mumbai-based producer EchoFloat aka Jeff Nelson has constantly impressed listeners with his stellar creations, ranging from bass, experimental to ambient in recent years. With numerous originals lying around on his SoundCloud profile, each of which has its own story to tell, EchoFloat also served up tracks via Jwala and DASTA last year. And come 2018, the talented act has now released his long awaited debut EP, ‘Transmutations‘.

Led by ‘Sideways Glide To The Sun‘, a sophisticated, experimental piece which oozes grit and confidence, it turns out to be a complete showcase of EchoFloat’s musical growth over the years. Next up is ‘Half A Concrete Split‘ which finds him experimenting with absolute precision for a raw and fine tuned product. On ‘Morphed Environments‘, listeners are drawn towards a unique setting which offers a stunning blend of ambient and bass music that has also played an integral role in Jeff’s earlier works. Undoubtedly, snagging its spot as one of the EP’s biggest highlights, ‘Transmutations‘ comes to a close courtesy the gnarly, yet well calculated tune, ‘Blackout‘.

Packing in four solid tracks which make up for a bold, coherent body of work, EchoFloat’s ‘Transmutations‘ EP makes its mark as one of his finest releases in recent times. You can grab your copy as a free download or show your support here.

Listen to ‘Transmutations‘ below.