Dualist Inquiry – Mayday (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Dualist Inquiry Mayday

Dualist Inquiry has always chosen quality over quantity throughout his illustrious career that has seen him mesmerise with his transcendental creations and stunning live performances. And if his 2016-released Dreamcatcher LP proved to be a diverse showcase of his beloved craft, then his first original in eighteen months arrives as a step into a completely different dimension. With cries of ‘Mayday‘ in the background and an echoing, nostalgic melody which kick off the proceedings, Dualist Inquiry’s latest record gradually builds into a profound, yet bright offering as he moves towards a progressive sphere half way through.

Talking about his latest release, the producer wrote:

“After my last release in 2016, I took a step back and decided to not write any new music until I felt an irrepressible urge, a need to express something. That something ended up being this feeling of falling freely, a mindset that has dominated a few recent phases of my personal journey. As the months went by, I felt my feet firmly on the ground again, and realised that I needed write a song to capture that specific feeling before it fades into my past.”

With another new track titled ‘Fever Dream‘ slated to arrive on May 4th, get ready for more sonic goodness from Dualist Inquiry. Out now via Dualism Records, you can grab your copy as a free download.