Geffen Records’ President Dishes Out On The Future Of Avicii’s Unreleased Music

Avicii Unreleased Music

The passing away of Avicii continues to send shockwaves around the world. And with condolences and tributes pouring in from all over, fans have been trying to find comfort through his vast collection of music that has taken shape over the last several years. Having announced his retirement from touring in 2016, the Swedish mastermind never gave up on making new music. And come 2017, Tim Bergling even returned to action with his stunning Avīci (01) EP.

While we sadly won’t be able to get to treat ourselves to Avicii’s beloved craft in the future, Variety recently caught up with Geffen Records president Neil Jacobson, with whom Tim used to spend hours in the studio. Renowned as one of music industry’s finest A&R executives, Neil had worked with the man himself ever since ‘Levels‘ was unleashed. Besides dishing out on several topics surrounding the life of Avicii, when asked about the status of the ‘Wake Me Up’ hitmaker’s next album, he said:

“We were working on it and it was his best music in years, honestly. And I know because I [A&R’d] all of his albums. He was so inspired. He was so psyched. We had done a month of grinder sessions. We had to actually put end times on the sessions because Tim would just work for 16 hours straight, which was his nature. You had to pull him out. Like, “Tim, come on. Go to bed. Get some rest.” … It’s just a tragedy. We have this incredible, magical music.”

And although Neil has no idea as to what is going to happen to the unreleased record, he spoke in length to clear the air surrounding Avicii’s highly awaited body of work:

“I’m going to sit down and talk to the family once everybody has a chance to take a breath. I’ve never actually had this happen with an artist I’ve worked with before and this closely. So, I don’t know. We’ll try to get some advice from the family and everybody’s going to put their heads together and try and do what we think Tim would want us to do.”

You can read the full interview here.

Source: Variety