MALFNKTION & Zoya – Be Free

Malfnktion Zoya Be Free

Bengaluru-based producer Malfnktion has been silently crafting some of the freshest music to come out of the Indian sub-continent in recent years! With two impressive EPs under his belt, Adi À la Muru is kicking off 2018 with his brand new single, ‘Be Free‘ with India-born singer/songwriter Zoya. Having dished out some excellent works in the past which draw influences from the Indian culture, his latest effort is ought to strike a chord with first time listeners and longtime fans alike. A stripped back, R&B-inspired jam which sees Adi craft a serene, yet exciting soundscape for the ‘Here We Go Again‘ singer to work her magic upon, their joyous creation makes sure to hold on to listeners’ attention till the last second in its own flirty and mysterious fashion.

Listen to ‘Be Free‘ below. Out now via Souletiquette, make sure to grab your copy here.