Renowned Dubstep Producer/DJ Datsik Accused Of Sexual Assault By Multiple Women


Disturbing news began to spread within the dance music community since earlier today when Twitter user @_princesssjay accused famed dubstep producer/DJ Datsik of sexual misconduct, and even shared screenshots of a Facebook thread which consisted of several allegations against the Canadian act. As told by friends of multiple victims, Datsik has gone on to force himself upon females in the past and even made them take drugs on his tour bus.

With multiple instances which seem to highlight his predatory behaviour, the Firepower label boss seems to have had fed girls alcohol or ketamine time and again, and then have sex with them once they were blacked out. Multiple accounts of him dropping off the victims on the side of the road to stumble home alone or black out on the pavement have also surfaced online.

@2LittBritt replied, “Datsik fucked my 18 year old friend after getting her so drunk she could barely stand last year.

@tiny_flotato said, “My friends and I were getting some weird vibes when his manager got our numbers, names, and then squirted [us] with water to see our nipples and told us to come hang with them later on the bus.

@_alex_and_ria_ replied, “Datsik is a piece of shit. He fed my friend ketamine and xanax so she would feel comfortable enough to have a threesome with him on his tour bus & then he kicked her out and she was so disoriented and fucked up she had a lot of issues getting home.” She continued, “She’s fine!! She said he was nice until he kicked her out afterwards & she didn’t really realize she was a victim until a lot later. Just so gross that he hunts girls down and feeds them drugs to make them loosen up like…that’s rape…she had never done k before either.

In one DM to @_princesssjay by another victim, she said: “Datsik was extremely fucked up and being super creepy towards my friend and [me]. He was doing [ketamine] in the back of the bus with them and kept trying to fuck my friend. Then when he came up to the front room (where I was) the first thing he did when he saw me was sit down next to me and call me cute. He then grabbed me and went in to kiss me. I moved my face back and he literally pulled a section of my hair to bring my face back towards him. He kept sitting on my friend and I and being creepy and touchy. And then would come put his arms around me and ask me to go to another room him and I’d say no / try to chance the subject & he […]

Soon after, several more evidences of Datsik’s creepy behaviour came to light when it was pointed out by one attendee that he and his team would issue backstage passes to girls which read ‘TULSA‘ because as per an old tweet by the producer in 2011, “Tulsa backwards is ‘a slut.’” In his defense, Datsik wrote on Twitter saying:

After a few hours, Troy finally surfaced back online with an official statement which saw him rule out all the accusations. While it certainly read like a half-hearted reply that didn’t go down well with anyone, fellow bass music acts including Excision, Krewella, JAUZ and more also took to social media to shared their thoughts on the controversy. As we await for further updates regarding this extremely harrowing case, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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