Baajewala – Lunatic (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Baajewala Lunatic

Say hello to the baddest new bass-friendly outfit in town! Yes, we’re talking about Asura Collective who have announced their arrival with a brutal debut release. Brought to life by a group of talented bass music producers from around the country, Asura Collective aims to deliver some of the freshest and craziest music currently coming out of India’s steadily growing bass music scene.

Led by Baajewala‘s hard hitting effort, his latest single ‘Lunatic‘ offers us with a fair idea of what to expect from the promising new collective. A raw, experimental banger that goes on to showcase Yash’s impressive abilities as a producer, its distortion-heavy and stuttering drops make up for an absolute floor smasher. With plans to release loads of new music in the coming months, make sure to keep an eye out for Asura!

Out now as a free download, listen to ‘Lunatic‘ below.