Here’s Everything You Need To Know about RangManch 2018 Headliner Vini Vici

Vini Vici

There have been numerous talented artists who have blessed the psy-trance scene with their presence, but one particular act hold a special place of their own within the upbeat, progressive territories with their unique take on the genre. Hailing from Afula, Vini Vici have been a revelation amongst the community of psy-trance acts straight out of Israel.

Comprised of Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh, Vini Vici have quickly risen up the ranks to become one of the genre’s most loved duos in recent years! Founded in 2013, the duo previously shared top notch releases alongside Itai Spector as part of their Sesto Sento project while Matan Kadosh also remained active as Gataka and Aviram and Itai helmed their Ferbi Boys group.

A downright sense of uniqueness which shines through their productions, their sounds are futuristic and progressive, which also manage to stay true to the original sounds of psy-trance. And while both of them have been on the production run for many years now, Vini Vici’s breakout hit was undeniably ‘The Tribe’, which witnessed a meteoric amount of success and was played by some of the biggest names in the scene.

Quickly escalating in terms of popularity to be recognized as one of the most popular psy-trance duos around, Vini Vici were onto the assault in no time! Showing no signs of slowing down, they followed it up with their standout remix of Hilight Tribe’s ‘Free Tibet’. A stellar rework that has garnered millions of plays till date, and continues to be heavily churned out live, some of their most notable early works include their ‘Divine Mode’ EP, ‘Parallel Universe’, ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ amongst others.

With Danish label Iboga Records having always remained as the first home to their music, there was no stopping Vini Vici as their musical journey continued to reach greater heights with each passing day. 2015 proved to be a landmark year for the duo as they shared some of their hottest releases including ‘Alteza’, ‘The Calling’ with Ace Ventura, ‘High On’ with D-Addiction and many more. Months in the making, their debut album ‘Future Classics’ arrived next in 2015 via Iboga which proved to be an outstanding body of work from Vini Vici. An exemplary showcase of their signature take on psy-trance, the duo collaborated with the likes of Major7, Pixel amongst others.

As the waves continued to become bigger, Vini Vici had made a big enough splash within the international dance music scene for the world to take note of them. Dropping remixes for the likes of Ticon, Liquid Soul and Pixel, 2016 saw them come out all guns blazing with the release of their humongous collaboration ‘Great Spirit’ with Armin Van Buuren and Hilight Tribe, ‘We Are The Creators’ with Bryan Kearney, ‘Colors’ with Tristan and Avalon and ‘Universe Inside Me’ with Liquid Soul.

Additionally on the live front, Vini Vici started to share their super energetic and progressive take on psy-trance around the world with performances at some of the biggest festivals including Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Sunburn Festival, ASOT Festival and many more. And now fresh off putting an end to their colossal 2017 which saw them dominate left, right and center with the W&W-assisted ‘Chakra’, ‘Fkd Up Kids’, ‘Adhana’ with Astrix, ‘Ravers Army’ and several other releases, Vini Vici are poised to take over the world in 2018.

As Vini Vici gear up for yet another spectacular return to India for their upcoming headlining performance at RangManch 2018 on March 2nd, make sure not to miss out on catching the ace duo LIVE in action! You can grab your passes via InsiderBookMyShow or Paytm.

Vini Vici RangManch 2018