Jwala 007 – Dawn

Jwala 007 Dawn

Indian collective Jwala announced their arrival onto the music scene in the country earlier last year with the debut of their first ever compilation ‘Where There’s Smoke‘. What has now become a monthly tradition for the 9-member collective, Jwala are kicking off their 2018 campaign with the release of their latest compilation ‘Dawn‘.

Wiping the slate clean after unleashing their bass heavy sixth compilation in November last year, their latest drop once again stays true to their ethos of showcasing some of the most forward thinking and freshest music on offer by artists from around the country. Led by National Animal‘s ‘Fountain Of Love‘ whose moody soundscapes are enough to get you hooked, his latest collaborative effort with Smooth Relax and Sister Assister is a hazy, yet bold expression of his unique craft. Next up is ‘Theme Music‘ by another Delhi-based producer and the latest addition to Jwala’s roster, Dolorblind. Teaming up with Louisville-based rapper 1200 for his latest record, the abstract rap piece sounds like a fantastic puzzle which is put into place by the two acts’ heady approach. Brought to life by 1200’s knotty, syllable-twisting wordplay and Dolorblind’s minimal, yet striking instrumental, ‘Theme Music‘ is a creation which needs to be appreciated.

Guided forward by Mumbai-based artist Pranav Bhasin‘s delectable effort ‘Captain‘, chaos begins to steadily ensue as Mushi Mushi‘s ‘Kalki‘ gnarly effort makes sure to grab some eyeballs. Boasting of dark undertones which surely sounds unsettling, we can’t wait to see what the artist has in store for us next. With ‘Comput_8‘, Delhi-based producer Antriksh Bali grabs the spotlight whose perplexing yet intimidating creation is defined by its dystopian soundscape which stands out as the record’s strongest highlight.

On ‘Perpetual‘, listeners get to experience the creative genius of Stomp aka Kashish Verma whose unique take on experimental bass has been doing some rounds. A rumbling tune which manages to keep everyone on their toes till the last second, ‘Dawn‘ comes to a close courtesy ‘Dimensions‘ by Noizbleed. Comprising of Joel, Sean & Sanath, the rising DnB trio’s latest tune echoes the sounds of Noisia and Mefjus amongst other iconic names in the scene, all while bringing their own brand of neurofunk to the fore. An absolute belter of a record which can rival some of the best in the game, Jwala just can’t seem to miss when it comes to finishing off in style.

Listen to ‘Dawn‘ by Jwala below.