Man.Goes Human – Moonglasses [EP]

Man.goes Human Moonglasses EP

Delhi-based indie rock outfit Man. Goes Human have risen up the ranks in recent years with their signature take on indie rock! After garnering success with their debut album in 2015, they have now served up their latest EP ‘Moonglasses‘! A 3-track effort which not only highlights the band’s artistic growth, but also showcases their experimental sound in all its glory, Man. Goes Human’s latest body of work is a must-listen for longtime fans and new listeners alike.

Led by the titular cut which sets the tone for the brilliant EP, the track manages to hold onto your attention till the very end as Paul’s striking vocals are carried forward by a bit of solid instrumentation. Albeit brief in length, the EP’s highlight comes in the form of the spectacular ‘Sad Paulie‘. An intense, yet memorable record which certainly lives up as one of their best works till date, the EP comes to a close courtesy ‘Crush Before Use‘ whose minimal production lays down the perfect platform for an incredible vocal performance.

Out now via Honest Indian Recordings, listen to the ‘Moonglasses‘ EP below.