EXCLUSIVE: Pune-Based Producer Aimsir Shares Haunting New Single ‘Preta.’

Aimsir Preta

Unarguably, one of the most exciting talents to emerge out of India’s electronic music scene in the past twelve months has been Aimsir. The Pune-based producer who first caught our attention on Jwala‘s monthly compilations with ‘Yūgen‘ and ‘Ataraxy‘ has been steadily enthralling listeners with his experimental creations. Fresh off putting an end to 2017 with his ambitious EP ‘abstract.us.‘, Aimsir is now kicking off 2018 with his brand new single ‘preta.‘.

An intriguing record which came to life following Yatharth’s recent trip to the Himalayas, the budding act talks about ‘preta.‘ as “a conversation between my surroundings and i.” A hauntingly, mesmerizing tune which offers us with a brief, yet overwhelming glimpse into Aimsir’s mind, his latest creation is poised to stick with you long after it has swept through your ears. As the track’s atmospheric soundscape begins to settle, eerie sounds and pounding drums team up to produce an intense moment amidst the proceedings. A stunning piece that only makes us expect even more from the young act in the coming days, listen to ‘preta.‘ below.

Explaining the meaning behind his latest creation, Aimsir writes in the track’s description:


derived from the Hindu Mythology: wandering/disturbed ghost; hunger, thirst, anguish. a conversation between my surroundings and i. an eerie sensation engulfed me as i embarked upon my journey to the Himalayas that had my heart pounding. as i began to move, a conflict rose within me; the urban cityscapes, fast-paced lives and the cacophony of sounds with our heads held down against the serene landscapes, a space for us to hold our heads high and breathe in silence in its purest form; the life i left behind passed before me in quick succession as stills, while the picture in front of me stood still, such was the conversation between the transient and the everlasting. what once felt eerie now evokes a sense of serenity within me.

interesting how “eerie” and “serene” have the same amount of stress placed on the syllables, yet are worlds apart.”

You can grab your copy via iTunes.