DIVERSION AHEAD. – Beyond Infinity [EP]

DIVERSION AHEAD. - Beyond Infinity

2017 might be coming to a close, but that isn’t stopping producers from sharing some of their best works till date. And today, we’re talking about Pune-based producer Aditya Malve who has finally managed to debut his Diversion Ahead. project with a surreal 5-track EP. Titled ‘Beyond Infinity‘, the latest body of work from the 19-year old is a bold and effective shot at showcasing his diverse production skills. Having caught our attention earlier this year with his Port Royal‘ alongside Quistek, his brand new project dives into the deeper realms of electronica to deliver an ambient-influenced, yet experimental take on the genre.

Featuring contributions from Psyince Fiction on the standout cut ‘Morphed‘ and Raunak Barde, who also assists Aditya on the cinematic ‘Timecrash‘ as Lunar Waves, the EP witnesses a serene kickoff courtesy ‘Diamond Rain‘. With his deeply engrossing track ‘Back To Life‘ alongside Raunak, which proves to be one of Beyond Infinity’s brightest highlights, the EP comes to a close with ‘Core Ten38‘ which transports listeners to a whole new dimension altogether.

A vivid and highly enigmatic display of a wide range of sounds, each of which gets to have its moment throughout the proceedings, Aditya has also successfully delivered a brilliant live performance of the EP in its entirety which you can check out above.

Out now via Gently Altered, you can grab your copy as a free download or show your support here.