New Delhi-Based Producer Terrazak Kicks Hard Bass With Brand New Single ‘Double Edge’!

Terrazak - Double Edge

New Delhi-based producer/DJ Terrazak might not be a new name on the block with successful releases like ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Bombai’ already under his belt, but he certainly has been experimenting lately to rediscover his own sound. And if the latest result is anything to go by, then Terrazak seems to be on the right path. Taking the bass route for his brand new single ‘Double Edge’, the raucous, festival ready tune is a wild ride into hard bass territory.

A ground shaking banger which kicks off its proceedings with an alarming chord progression that ultimately gives way to an aggressive drop led by stabbing plucks, its bold and striking percussion turns out to be the track’s biggest ally while inflicting damage upon listeners. Talking about the track, Terrazak said in a statement:

“I have been trying to experiment with my music for sometime and finally, I’ve come up with something which is different from my past productions. Double Edge is a bass heavy festival trap which guarantees a neck breaking experience to all you head bangers out there.”

Out now as a free download, listen to ‘Double Edge’ below.