Watch This: Kanan Gill Learns To DJ From Arjun Vagale In The Latest Episode Of His ‘I Can Do That’ Series

Kanan Gill Arjun Vagale I Can Do That

Say hello to the hottest new DJ in town, DJ Nitefyre. Earlier last month, it was announced by famed Indian comedian Kanan Gill that he would be learning the art of DJing from Arjun Vagale for the latest episode of his ongoing ‘I Can Do That‘ series. What followed was Kanan trying to learn the technically intricate skill in just five days, with some additional help from the techno kingpin himself before going on to perform for a crowd in Bengaluru.

Now with the release of the 16-minute long episode, not only do we see Nitefyre realise the complexities of the craft, but it also gives us a behind the scenes look at his newest adventure. With the struggle looking clear for him, the premier comic act is seen trying to improvise by adding his own flair to the scheduled performance with his own funny vocal chops. And while Kanan’s back up plan of playing a xylophone in the wake of a failed stint might have not been so well though out, with all being said and done, the brave man certainly made sure to put on an (erm..) successful live show.

Watch the hilarious episode below and let us know what you think!