Watch This: Get To Know What The Older Generation Really Thinks Of Marshmello & His Music


Photo Credit: Rukes

It’s a known fact by now that how big of a deal has Marshmello become within the music industry in recent times. After breaking onto the scene in 2015 with his signature sugar coated take on future bass and trap music, the masked producer has gone on to become a household name within the dance music scene. But regardless of all the controversy which surrounds him, have you ever thought of what the older generation really thinks of Marshmello? Fret not, because the following video will be the answer to all those questions.

During the latest episode of popular YouTube channel FBE’s ‘Elders React To‘ series, the older men and women were introduced to the dance music sensation, i.e. Marshmello and his music. During the video, they were shown clips of some of his biggest songs including ‘Alone‘, ‘Moving On‘, ‘Summer‘, ‘Silence‘ and ‘Keep It Mello‘. While one of them identified the ‘marshmello’ head as a coffee cup, another person also made sure to ask the burning question: “How is he going to be able to eat?“. During the latter half of the video, we get to know that the producer’s music is loved by quite a few individuals, while also not being “their cup of tea” for others.

A fun video which not only invites honest opinion from the elders who had grown up in an era when EDM didn’t exist, it also goes on to show the wide appeal that his music boasts of.