Dasta – SSP Volume 2

Dasta SSP Volume 2

One of India’s fastest growing collectives, Dasta made their debut earlier this year with the first edition of their ‘Six Sample Project‘ series. Consisting of some of the country’s finest talents including Sandunes, Zokhuma, Kumail, Tarqeeb, Oceantied and OX7GEN, the forward thinking group have now unveiled the second volume of SSP. Featuring contributions by the likes of SickFlip, Midland Sparks, Disco Puppet, Sparkle & Fade and EchoFloat, their latest work is the result of an exciting and adventurous process which involves the incorporation of all the samples within their work, that have been provided by each artist, and consequently needs to be finished under a week.

Kicking off the proceedings with ‘Baile Bump‘, SickFlip’s brand new track provides listeners with a fresh, new outlook towards the Mumbai-based act’s production abilities. Next up is ‘Overture Orient‘ by Midland Sparks, which might just be our favourite one out of the lot. An exotic concoction of vibrant grooves and dancefloor-inspired rhythms, the eclectic new creation treads deeper into the jungle with each passing second, besides also showcasing Maitreya’s undying love for bass music. With ‘Limb‘, Bengaluru-based act Disco Puppet once again shows off his raw, yet stunning creative approach which is brought to life courtesy his moody, nature-inspired soundscapes and a heavily auto-tuned vocal effort.

As we near the final stretch, Jwala co-founder Sparkle & Fade truly shines with ‘Prism’. A beautifully executed piece which goes on to perfectly showcase how less is more, the sparkling effort captures our attention with its mesmerizing ebb and flow. And lastly with ‘Altered Habitat‘, Echofloat manages to blow us away with his raw, yet engaging track which also sees him at the height of his full powers.

Listen to the compilation below.