Carnage Hopes To Play An Extended Tech House Set & We’re Not Sure How To Feel About It!

DJ Carnage

Photo Credit: Rukes

One of the most notorious acts within the dance music scene, Carnage has made a name himself within the industry, thanks to his hard hitting productions and wild live performances. But on the other hand, the Guatemalan-American DJ has always been embroiled in one controversy or the other throughout his career. And his latest tweet might just take aback quite a few of you.

As written by the ‘Toca‘ hitmaker in a tweet earlier this week, he hopes to deliver a “4 hour tech house set” before 2017 comes to an end. While it certainly comes as a surprise to many, given his trap, hardstyle and hip-hop influenced roots, we wonder what might have ignited this wish of his out of nowhere. A proper and passionately done set would do none of us any harm, but we’re not keeping our hopes up either way.

You can check out his tweet below.

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