Kygo’s Stargazing EP Sold Just 37 Copies In First Week Sales!

Kygo Stargazing EP

We’re as shocked as you are right now! One of today’s biggest dance acts, Kygo has risen up the ranks in recent years with his mellow, yet vibrant productions that have garnered millions of plays till date. Renowned as the pioneer of tropical house, the Norwegian act has helped propel the genre to greater heights. And with a highly successful debut album also under his belt which was released back in May last year, he has become a mainstay within the music industry.

But if the sales figures for his latest Stargazing EP is anything to go by, then he might want to reevaluate his newly released body of work. As reported by EDM Tunes, only 37 copies were sold in the first week of its release in USA. While the numbers might have been unforeseen, the EP has garnered almost 150 million plays on YouTube alone which features collaborations with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez. With a genuine reason behind the lack of album sales is yet to come to light, it would be interesting to see how other big names fare in the coming days.

You can check out the EP below.

H/T: EDM Tunes