Martin Garrix Wins Lawsuit Against Spinnin’ Records & Music All Stars

Martin Garrix

Photo Credit: Rukes

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re ought to know that Martin Garrix has been involved in a legal battle with former label Spinnin’ Records and Music All Stars regarding the ownership rights of his music since 2015. And now after a court ruling earlier yesterday by a Dutch judge, the case has been officially ruled in favour of the 21 year old superstar.

While the case initially saw Garrix sue Spinnin Records and MusicAllStars for €3.7 million and €650,000, respectively, it also invited a counter suit from the two companies which read that the abandonment of his contract cost them more than €6.4 million in revenue. But now as ruled by the judges, there was a conflict of interest, as Eelko van Kooten was the director of both the companies, including Music All Stars, who was responsible for negotiating Garrix’s contract with Spinnin.

“During the talks in 2013 about renewing the production agreement with Spinnin Records, there has been conflict of interest due to the CEO’s double hats. [MusicAllStars] had to take action at that time. For example, by assisting Garrix in the negotiations by an independent third party.”

Martin Garrix announced in a press release: “I’m pleased with this outcome, not just for myself but also for all other DJs / producers, because this case was not just for me but for all my fellow artists.

H/T: Your EDM