Jwala 004 – Flow

Jwala Flow

It’s that time of the month again when one of our favourite homegrown collective decides to drop another brand new compilation upon us! That’s right, the internet raised group named Jwala have managed to impress us on a monthly basis with three of their previously released projects. And not only is their latest one yet another step in the direction of their vision, but most importantly, it delivers yet again on providing multiple unknown producers with a platform who deserve recognition.

Titled ‘Flow’, the 8-track effort is led by Mumbai-based act TRODD’ ethereal creation, ‘Ocean Bliss’. Next up is Jwala co-founder zzz aka Brij Dalvi’s own wavy take on some lo-fi goodness with ‘Suburb’n Chill’. Pune-based act Blanc X and Bangalore-based act Mitochondria make up for a memorable debut on Jwala’s latest compilation with ‘Awake’ and ‘Message from McKenna’ respectively. As Omniphat switch up the things with ‘Running’, the sincere effort from the collaborative project of Karan Kanchan, BuKi (Harshit Richhariya) and Ape Offishall sees them showcase their own conscious take on hip-hop.

Known for his dreamy, atmospheric creations, Mumbai-based producer sparkle & fade returns to action with ‘tututudududu’. Fresh off being featured on Jwala’s ‘Connected’ with ‘Found A Music Software In My Cereal Box’ last month, his latest tune is a playful yet stunning piece of work which has lots to offer to the listeners.

As we approach the penultimate track on the compilation, we are treated to a work of pure genius which certainly stands out as the best out of the lot! Titled ‘Mute Prayers’, the left field glitch-filled masterpiece by Murane Athma is a must listen. Lastly, Yatharth Vibhakar aka aimsir. steals the spotlight with ‘Ataraxy’. A tense, yet thrilling tune which spins a mysterious sonic web, it is worth noting on how Jwala’s compilations continue to put a stop to their proceedings with a twist.

With ‘Flow’ definitely ticking all the right boxes, their latest output is a fine display of the impressive craft of some of India’s youngest beatsmiths and producers. But that being said, an important point which needs to be highlighted is that a sense of predictability shows through. And while we won’t like to associate Jwala with that term, we’re sure they will blow us out of the park with their future works.

Listen to ‘Flow’ below.