Disco Puppet – Princess This [Free Download]

Disco Puppet Princess This

If you haven’t paid attention to Disco Puppet till now, today might just be the right pick for you! The Bengaluru-based musician and producer, lesser known as Shoumik Biswas has released his brand new album ‘Princess This‘. After finding much success with recent releases namely ‘Astronot‘, ‘Spring‘ and ‘I’m Going Home‘, his latest 10-track project finds the Consolidate member craft a surreal body of work which needs to be listened to for proper appreciation.

Known for his genre defying sounds and left field take on electronica, the album is an absolute treat for longtime fans and the perfect stepping stone into his world for new listeners as well. Kicking off the proceedings with ‘Hhhh‘, crafty auto tuned vocals begin to pave the way as the intro’s idiosyncratic sounds are joined by a prevalent low-end distortion which turns out to be a strong pillar upon which the entire LP boldly stands. ‘DOASS‘ and ‘Cheese Chase‘ further exemplifies Disco Puppet’s masterful production work. ‘Late Carnovore‘ with Pardafash doesn’t take time to get listeners hooked as a halting, futurist beat is led by a moody, yet fitting vocal freestyle before the core is struck with a major jolt. Stunning female vocals courtesy Sandhya Visvanathan join in during the second half, which sees the track take new life, and ultimately stands out as one of our favourite cuts.

Being supremely experimental in his approach, ‘Lie Alone‘ and ‘When You Listen‘ sees Shoumik showcase his own eccentric take on songwriting which explores lesser-known territories. A signature aesthetic that has been maintained throughout the first half of the LP, ‘NOOOOO‘ successfully brews up a quiet storm, devoid of any aggression. ‘HAOH‘ and ‘Long Tongue‘ make their presence felt before the final track ‘Sea Salt‘ offer a final taste of Disco Puppet’s multi-dimensional vision whose ambient flow is galloped quickly by a surprisingly powerful loop.

A stunningly, diverse album which offers listeners with an overwhelming package of sounds, Disco Puppet’s latest body of work is a world class creation which has its own share of invigorating bangers and challenging, psychedelic creations alike.

Out now via homegrown imprint Consolidate, stream ‘Princess This‘ below and show your support here.