Mumbai-Based Singer/Songwriter Anmol Malik Shares Mesmerizing New Single ‘Into The Night’

Anmol Malik Into The Night

Hailing from Mumbai, Anmol Malik is a talented singer/songwriter who has managed to rise up the ranks in recent years as one of today’s most promising acts! A Trinity College London alumnus, the multi-genre musician, who has worked in Bollywood films in the past, has successfully created a unique sound that has won her acclaim. And now after garnering thousands of plays on her first English single ‘Let Me Come Home‘, she is back with her brand new track ‘Into The Night‘.

Talking about the single, Anmol said in a statement:

“Into The Night is a song born in the space between the last heart breaking goodbye and first genuine smile. That moment when the rest of the world is asleep, and you’re up staring at the ceiling in the dark. It is always an incredible thrill to be able to bring the music pieces in my head to life. Every second of this song is genuine, honest and straight from my heart.”

An ethereal, synth-pop inspired creation which hits all the right notes accompanied by a gorgeous production effort that provides the singer with the perfect sound bed to lead the way with her smooth, heartfelt vocals. A memorable sophomore outing indeed, listen to ‘Into The Night‘ below.