Delhi-Based Musician Viciously Attacked By Staff At Turquoise Cottage!

This past Friday, Delhi-based band The Cosmic Truth took over the Turquoise Cottage in Green Park, New Delhi for a tribute performance in memory of legendary singer Chester Bennington. Organized by Cacophony Networks, the band was witnessed in action by almost 200 attendees. But after the end of the show, things didn’t go down too well.

As narrated by band’s guitarist Sahil Sharma (in picture: first from left) in a lengthy Facebook post which has spread throughout the Internet like wildfire, things started getting bad after a brief argument between the bartender of the pub and the band’s engineer quickly escalated. Despite constant efforts by Sahil himself to stop the tussle, the bartender not only threatened the two saying “Tu bahar toh chal.” but also started getting physical. While the venue’s manager Anil Bisht failed (refused) to do anything, two bouncers joined in soon after to inflict damage after the bartender tried to grab at Sahil’s throat. The people present in the venue tried to stop them, but couldn’t succeed to keep the mad men from causing more harm.

Sahil has not only incurred multiple injuries on his body, but is the latest victim of an absolutely horrible act of violence by the staff at TC. An eye-opening incident indeed, Turquoise Cottage took to social media to share their side of the story. In a lengthy post, they said:

“Turquoise Cottage has been one of the first venues to start live music and gigs in the city, and have been doing so successfully for the last 20 years. During this tenure, we have never witnessed any such incident.
We have total respect for artists, the music community and our patrons; and having nothing but gratitude for each one of them.

The unfortunate incident going viral in social media is just a one-sided story. We would like to clear all this with the help of legit and proper evidence in form of videos and documents (attached herewith).

It is quite clear that the gentlemen were pushing around and manhandling our staff, and it was our staff that was trying to pacify them. The gentlemen were not willing to settle their outstanding bills. Given their aggression. We calmly asked them to leave our premises in order to prevent any future unpleasantness as visible in the video.

While they were being escorted out, one of them lost his balance and hurt himself.

In case there was a brawl (as suggested by the gentleman in question), there would have been more scars and bruises on his face and other body parts.

It was our staff that was manhandled and beaten by them, as shown on picture A.
Also, the aggressive behaviour of the gentlemen is visible in picture B where the Delhi Police has filed an FIR against them for physical assault of a police personal inside the police station itself & also outside the restaurant also while they were sitting in the Police Vehicle. There is a medical report supporting the same.
We request you to be unbiased and form your opinion based on facts and evidence”.

Additionally, TC also posted a picture of one of their staff members whom they allege was beaten up and manhandled by Sahil and his friend. As per their statement, Delhi Police has also filed an FIR against them for physical assault of a police personnel inside the police station itself and also outside the restaurant also while they were sitting in the police vehicle. An edited clip from their CCTV footage was also posted by the venue on its Facebook page over the weekend which only shows a part of the entire incident.

Residents of the city need to hold on until police investigations come to a close. A horrible incident which should not be pushed aside by any means, we hope justice is served at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for further updates.