Tchami – Adieu (Heroless Remix) [Free Download]

Reported one of the most supported tracks of 2017 so far, Tchami‘s ‘Adieu‘ is an undisputed gem of modern house music. Now, an up and coming producer from Oslo, Norway, Heroless has remixed this track, taking it into a whole new domain!

This new producer Heroless seems like another mysterious figure. There’s no info on him on his socials and only this Adieu remix on his Soundcloud.  However, he has also remixed Vanic and Maty Noyes‘ “Too Soon” which has been featured on Trap Nation. So the chances are, Heroless is a side project or a re-brand of a producer who’s been around.

Heroless intensifies the atmosphere in Tchami’s ‘Adieu‘ with an edgy but deep bass and a slower rhythm. He turns this track into a laidback piece on the drops that you’ll enjoy slowly moving to. The touch of future bass chords is audible but is not taking up all the attention. It’s certainly refreshing listening to a track this amazing being exquisitely remixed into another great piece.

Heroless’ remix of ‘Adieu‘ is out now as a free download and you can grab your copy from here. Check it out!