Mastadon – Malignant [EP]

Mastadon Malignant EP

My eardrums got destroyed this afternoon when I came across 16-year old Indian origin dubstep producer Mastadon‘s latest ‘Malignant‘ EP! Released earlier this week via Skism’s Never Say Die Black Label, the 4-track EP sounds like an absolute treat for bass music fans.

The Sydney-based act has been steadily rising up the ranks with his gnarly, face melting productions! And having already garnered support from the likes of Excision, Snails, Slushii, Trampa and more, his brand new effort might be one of his most exceptional works till date. As the title track kicks off the proceedings accompanied by wailing sirens, destruction soon follows with deadly synth stabs and punchy drums, before melodic sitar strings provide listeners with a few seconds to take a breather. A remarkable entry into the EP, ‘Casket‘ follows suit with a lively electric guitar section before unleashing the goods in unforgiving fashion. Next up is ‘RIP‘, which not only is an absolute destroyer, but also boasts of one of the heaviest drops we’ve heard this year so far. Putting an end to the destruction is ‘Terminal‘ which makes sure to leave listeners high and dry with its blistering drops whose brutal punches keep coming right one after the other till the last second!

A mind-boggling EP which is ought to destroy necks and eardrums around the world, stream the colossal effort courtesy Mastadon himself below! You can grab your copy here.