Martin Garrix Reveals He’s Working With Dua Lipa For Yet Another Track

Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa‘s hit single ‘Scared To Be Lonely‘ has unarguably been one of the biggest tracks of 2017 so far, at least in the electronic music realm. The future bass meets pop single with Dua Lipa’s ethereal vocals struck a chord with millions of listeners across the world, solidifying Garrix’s position as a certified hitmaker.

Garrix has further released a couple of more singles post ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, but recently revealed in an interview that he’s working with the vocalist for yet another track.

With Dua [Lipa], I had never met her in real life but I had this song called ‘Scared to Be Lonely’ and I really wanted [her to sing] a duet to be on the record because I loved her voice. Actually I’m in the process of doing another song together with her. I really got to like her and found out she’s amazing and super dope, she has great energy. There’s also been times where people are recommended to collaborate with but I don’t really connect with that person. But I did with her. The writing process is the most important thing and if there’s not a great vibe in the studio creating a song, then it’s not worth staying in the studio.

Garrix didn’t divulge any other information, but just the fact that the two artists are in the studio together has us pretty stoked.

H/T: Your EDM