Avicii Previews Brand New Song On Instagram

Ever since news broke out about Avicii‘s return to releasing new music, fans all across the world are waiting with baited breath. After announcing his retirement last year in March, the Swede has been busy in the studio, producing the  “best damn album” of his entire career, and it looks like he’s going to stay true to his word.

Just two weeks earlier, the ‘Levels’ hitmaker shared a video clip on Instagram from Machu Picchu featuring a new track, titled ‘Friend Of Mine‘. Now the Swede has posted another video from the location, this time with a new song, rumoured to be titled ‘Lonely Together‘,  featuring female vocals and upbeat production, with the caption “New music coming very (very) soon!“.

Now, we don’t really know what date does “very, very soon” hint at, but on going rumours suggest it could the 4th of August. Till then, let’s wait for an official announcement and check out the clip below.