Insomniac Issues Statement Following The Death Of An EDC Attendee

It’s a sad day to lose one from the raving family, as reports came in about the death of Michael Morse, a 34-year old Californian on the very first night of EDC Las Vegas 2017. Although reports of his death aren’t clear, suspicions are swirling around heat related issues and possibly a heart attack. The family of the deceased blames the organizers of EDC for the death of their loved one.

According to Las Vegas police, a total of 342 medical calls were handled on day 3 of the giant music festival and 4 people were taken to local hospitals., while around 443 and 305 medical calls were reported on day 1 and 2 respectively. The reported high temperature for June 17 in Las Vegas was a staggering 109 degrees.
An email from Morse’s sister-in-law suggests that his death was heat-related, claiming he went into convulsions and died at 3:25 a.m. with a temperature of 109.6 degrees, 10 degrees higher than an average person’s body temperature. Apparently, Michael was complaining about the heat and problems with accessing drinking water on the festival grounds. However, the Clark County coroner says that Morse was pronounced dead at 7:41 a.m. Saturday without confirming any cause of death.

Insomniac has released the following statement about the death of Michael on the morning of Tuesday.

“The unexpected passing of a loved one is tragic, and while the exact cause of this tragedy is still unknown, we do know that family and friends are grieving. It is with great sadness that we send our thoughts and condolences to the loved ones of the man who passed away after the festival had ended.

Our health and safety plan is created over several months with local agencies. Our roaming medical personnel are available twenty-four hours a day, free of charge, with the best emergency room doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics in the country. A full staff of security and police are also available to all attendees. We encourage everyone to approach our caring staff and ask for help if needed.”

Our prayers are with the Morse family and out of respect for the dead, we haven’t uploaded any pictures of Marshall Morse.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut