Watch This: Zhu Releases An Intriguing Dark Video For ‘Intoxicate’

Zhu‘s playing a different kind of a game with the mannequins in this one! And no, it’s not the mannequin challenge that you’re thinking about.His new single, ‘Intoxicate‘, has a dark vibe to it and the music video shot for the same does enough justice to it.

As a lead up to his Blacklizt event, the ominous single has a mannequin brought to life by a hand twitch, amongst the spare mannequins who ends up on an intriguing dark journey through her Master’s workplace. It’s borderline creepy and quite sexy for another eye. It’s black & white, it’s got nip slips, naked backs and it’s got Zhu written all over it in the feels department. Plug in your headphones and watch it privately, might just be NSFW!

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