Sid Vashi’s Long Awaited Sophomore Album ‘Azuma Kazuma’ Is Finally Here!

Sid Vashi Azuma Kazuma

What surely has been a long time coming, Sid Vashi has finally released his highly awaited sophomore album ‘Azuma Kazuma‘. Following up to the success of his 2013-released debut LP Motherland Tourism, his brand new record is a 7-track effort which boasts of some of his most ambitious and experimental works till date.

While fans have already been treated to previously released singles ‘Prey‘ and ‘Wai Wai‘, the album kicks off with ‘Paper Bones‘. A vibrant, yet moody introduction to the landscape which lies further ahead, the track plays with quirky harmonies and vocal melodies to provide a near perfect start. With ‘Ghost Don’t Follow Me‘, Sid launches listeners into space with a dash of funk and a whole lot of jazz as he brings his troops for one of the most exciting tracks on the LP. Half way through, ‘Transmission‘ qualifies as one of the most creative interludes we might have come across during recent times.

Teaming up with long time collaborator Soopy and Mumbai-based singer Divya Lewis, ‘Prey‘ makes a fine appearance as Sid flexes his fine production skills once again to showcase his widely loved brand of electronic music drenched in jazz and ambient influences. An exceptional track which engages listeners from the get go, Sid weaves up an air of mystery around the tune’s texture-filled sonic atmosphere. Further bolstered by moody vocals courtesy Divya and additional work by Sid himself, his love for saxophones do the trick!

Undeniably the most gorgeous off the lot, ‘Wai Wai‘ which plays out right on the lines of ambient and emotive sounds, is a beautiful, feel good blend of pleasant sounds. With infectious vocals which drives the track forward, his unparalleled compositional touch grabs the spotlight making up for a smooth, groovy masterpiece. Next up is the ultimate fan favourite ‘Darling‘ that has now been reworked into a mellow number which sheds a light on Sid’s left-field works. As he begins to wrap up, ‘Hauz‘ is more than just another outro as he teams up with Josh Fernandez to deliver an absolute gem. With vivid samples in the works alongside impressive vocals which weave up their magic, the wholesome offering comes to a close as his lovely saxophone steals the spotlight one last time.

An inventive, intriguing story narrated through an exceptional LP which sees each track stitched together in seamless fashion, Sid Vashi‘s ‘Azuma Kazuma‘ is a strong contender for being one of the most definitive albums to come out of the Indian music scene in 2017.

Stream the album below. And don’t forget to grab your copy available as a free download.

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