Indian Post Rock Band aswekeepsearching Release Their Latest Album, ‘Zia’

As the burgeoning indie scene in India continues to grow by leaps and bounds, a number of artists across the country have made names for themselves spanning different genres. One name that stands out is aswekeepsearching, the post rock band from Ahmedabad.

Known for their immersive yet expansive soundscape coupled with soaring melodies, the four piece band have already released an album and an EP, and now have released their second studio album, titled ‘Zia‘. Featuring 11 tracks, the album follows a number of stories, depicting the journey of the band so far. With a whole lot of different textures and layers on the tracks, ‘Zia‘ is an extremely well crafted album that stands testament to aswekeepsearching‘s maturity and growth as a band.

Stream the full album here, and get your copy off iTunes.

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