Gig Review: Electric Island 2017

Electric Island 2017

2017 was a different year for Electric Island, it was the first time this Toronto music festival took place at Woodbine Park. Though we were looking forward to attending a music festival on an island and not in a park, the venue of the first installment did not disappoint. As we stood in line to get in, we couldn’t remain still as the tunes made their way to us right from ground zero.

Electric Island 2017
We entered to find abundant food trucks and bars that catered to everyone’s need. With two stages, Electric Island has opened up a musical platter for those attending. As we entered Gera & Alberto Jousse were up on stage playing light and beautiful tunes. With ample space available everyone spread their blankets enjoying the music and taking in the sun shine.

Bedouin Electric Island 2017
Eats Everything Electric Island 2017

Brooklyn duo Bedouin took over the main stage at 5pm, taking us on a groovy journey.  They made sure everyone from the front to the back were surprised with their stellar selection of deep rhythmic songs. Their Middle Eastern heritage came through in their set. Eats Everything who followed dished out hypnotic dance music. Known as a party starter, he had immersed himself into his offering of great underground music.

Joris Voorn Electric Island

When the legend, Joris Voorn came on everyone came closer to watch his artistry. Even though we have witnessed this talented artist multiple times, every set including the one he played at Electric Island 2017 was phenomenal. We hoped to catch Brighton’s favourite DJ Leon Vynehall and were pretty gutted when they announced he wouldn’t be performing.

Ben Klock Electric Island 2017

As the sun completely disappeared, the very talented Ben Klock brought magic to the dance floor. His signature sounds astounded those around us. The sharp and dirty beats kept us thoroughly elated. His energy resonated with the audience’s, and even though it had already been a few hours of dancing in the sun, no one showed any signs of slowing down.

Electric Island 2017

What surprised me about Electric Island is the mature crowd who were so appreciative of the music they heard – tunes known and unknown. Electric Island has played a key role in shaping Toronto’s music scene and continues to do so. It showcases talent from this wonderful city as well as bring all the big names out there.  We look forward to celebrating Canada Day with fellow Islanders.

Photo Credits: Ded Agency

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