Ferry Corsten Releases His Most Ambitious Album To Date With ‘Blueprint’

It’s been slightly more than 2 months since Ferry Corsten announced his sci-fi concept album, ‘Blueprint‘, which which by his own admission is his his most ambitious artist album to date. The time has finally come, as the Dutch veteran finally released the LP on his own imprint, Flashover Recordings.

With a storyboard crafted by the minds of David H Miller (of House Of Cards and Rosewood fame) and Ferry himself, and the narrative provided by Hollywood actor Campbell Scott (known for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Exorcism of Emily Rose)Blueprint’ is an explorative piece of work that puts Sci-fi at its interstellar core. With a narrative that gives nods to the proses of iconic sci-fi authors such as Jules Verne, Hugo Gernsback and most distinctively HG Wells. Blueprint‘ brings a wider perspective to the listener, inclusive of dimensions of religion, history, ideals and science fiction.

Out now on Flashover Recordings, you can purchase your copy from here. Till then, stream the album in full here below:

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