Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Put Their Own Spin On The Legendary ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Theme!

Dimitri Vegas Like Mike

With the fifth installment (‘Dead Men Tell No Tales‘) of the world famous franchise, Pirates Of The Caribbean set for a release this Friday, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have now taken on its incredible theme song to put their own big room spin on it!

Originally composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer, the former #1 duo’s latest remix sees them add a festival-ready flair as pounding synths lead the charge as listeners are treated to a massive breakdown. Talking about their latest effort, Dimitri Vegas told Variety:

“For us, it was very important to respect the original. We wanted to keep the vibe and the atmosphere, but give it a touch of today.”

Preview the forthcoming remix below and let us know what you think!

H/T: Variety

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