Borgore feat. Nick Colletti – Shrimp Creature

Nick Colletti has been one of the partners in crime of Getter and now he’s collaborated with mighty Borgore for a fun new track. Titled as “Shrimp Creature“, this filthy riddim track is a treat!

Shrimp Creature” starts with some simple trap beats. Soon a down-pitched vocal sample of Nick appears as a voice over, talking about an epidemic. As it leads the buildup, the end brings a bass-heavy dubstep drop. Its catchy and infectious bass sequences will make you headbang at its pace. The nasty 18+ music video also features other SLVYVLL crew members like Ray Volpe, Spock and Klint Johnson, so make sure to watch that!

Borgore and Nick Colletti‘s new track “Shrimp Creature” is out now and you can grab your copy from here. Stream it below!

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