Preview: Subconscious Tales – Dopa Mine (SEQU3l Remix)

Prewview: Subconscious Tales - Dopa Mine (SEQU3l Remix)

After the massive success of his Timelapse EP, Pune based Nakul Ambilkar aka SEQU3L seems to have taken the responsibly to push the envelope in underground music even more. His latest production is a remix for Subconscious Tales’ track ‘Dopa Mine’ that easily comprises of his signature vibes. Packing full progressive power with thumping bassline and delayed atmospheric vocals, Ambilkar leads his rework to a surreal breakdown. It is accompanied by irregular stabs and a euphoric synth sample that breaks out, and brings an impactful climax to provide a fulfilling feel. SEQU3L’s remix of ‘Dopa Mine’ releases via Balkan Connection on April 24th. Until then, check out the preview below:

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