Steve Angello Teases New Album With Mysterious Video

Steve Angello

It’s been little more than a year since Steve Angello released his debut album ‘Wild Youth‘ to critical acclaim. An autobiographical effort that saw Angello deliver an album in its most cohesive form, something of a rarity these days in electronic music. In the final episode of his BBC Radio 1 residency in December, the Swede confirmed that he has another album coming in 2017, and now he has started dropping hints regarding the upcoming LP on his Instagram and Twitter.

Angello teased a 28 second video clip on his Twitter, with ‘Almost Human’ as the text of the tweet, hinting at the title of the upcoming album. The following tweet refers to his Coachella performance, with ‘Dump out all the jealousy’ written as the text. Name of a track, or a lyric from the lead single of the album? All we’ll have to do is wait and watch.

Angello also teased his Coachella performance on his Instagram, which ideally could be the perfect platform to premiere new music, and perhaps a new show.

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