Skrillex Got Detained By The Police In Hollywood For Playing His Music Out Too Loud!

Skrillex Arrest

Photo Credit: Rukes

UPDATE: Following yesterday’s incident which saw Skrillex being detained and handcuffed by the LAPD, Sonny Moore took to Twitter earlier last night to clear up the air by himself. As he declared that he was pulled over playing out music in his car out too loud, he went on to reveal that he was actually handcuffed because he was driving without an I.D on him.

It looks like Skrillex had a more eventful night than he might have initially planned for. A newly surfaced clip courtesy Twitter user  @ColbyLKline that is doing the rounds on the Internet, we can see Sonny Moore being handcuffed by a policeman in Hollywood.

According to more recent tweets by the famed producer himself, him and his friends were pulled up by the cops because they were playing their music out “too loud“. In the brief video, fans could also see him being put in the back of a police car only to be later released. While no arrests were made, and the OWSLA founder was only “cuffed“, he went on to surprisingly DJ at a house party at his friend’s place later during the night.

Moreover, the man himself also gave a shout out to his car’s(Tesla SUV) creator Elon Musk for the impressive sound system it boasts of. Check out the clip and tweets from the incident which took place below.

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