Listen To Sid Vashi’s Brand New Single ‘Wai Wai’!

Sid Vashi Wai Wai

A little over three years ago, Sid Vashi shot to fame with the release of his extremely well-received debut album ‘Motherland Tourism‘! And now as he gears up to unveil its highly awaited follow-up in the form of his latest project ‘Azuma Kazuma‘, listeners have already been treated to its first single ‘Prey‘ which was released earlier last week.

And now, in order to further increase the hype surrounding the album’s release, Sid has unveiled his newest single. Titled ‘Wai Wai‘, the brand new effort is a pleasant tune which plays out right on the lines of ambient and emotive sounds. With infectious vocals which drives the track forward, his unparalleled compositional touch grabs the spotlight making up for a smooth, groovy masterpiece which needs to hit your playlists right now.

Listen to ‘Wai Wai‘ below. And don’t forget to grab your copy via Bandcamp.

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